20160618_194559_001 Welcome to Monticello Yoga!

My name is Sonya, and I love teaching yoga.  I want to help you build strength, flexibility and balance.  When you come to class, we will also take time to relax and unwind. This allows our bodies and minds to  release tension.

  Before I started practicing yoga regularly, I often suffered from anxiety about things completely beyond my control.  This anxiety caused stress and tension which led to stomach problems and headaches.  Since committing to a regular yoga practice my body has grown stronger, but more importantly I have learned how to deal with anxiety and fearful thoughts.  This is one of the many reasons I love teaching yoga.  We all deal with private issues of physical discomfort, stress, and anxiety.  Yoga can help us grow both physically and mentally, and it is a blessing to me to share this with you!  My students leave class relaxed and energized.  This is evident in the change on everyone’s face after class as they leave with bright smiles.

  I studied horticulture and art at Berry College and have a MA in early childhood education.  I taught school in Macon for several years, then moved and began practicing yoga after my son was born.  I found that it was exactly what my body craved.  After attending classes regularly for 3 years I made the first step towards becoming a yoga teacher.  I am certified as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and working towards 500 hours.  I moved to Monticello in 2012 and the community we are building through yoga is so warm, welcoming and supportive.  I hope you will join us and see for yourself how good you can feel.

   I live with my husband and son on a small farm in Jasper County.  When I’m not teaching elementary school art or yoga classes, I enjoy gardening, walking, and baking.  I’m so thankful to see everyone each week and look forward to many years together!

– Sonya

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