enhance Welcome to Thankful Yoga in Monticello, GA!  My name is Sonya, and I love teaching yoga.  I want to help you build strength, flexibility and balance.  

I began practicing yoga after my son was born, ten years ago, and  I found that it was exactly what my body craved.  After attending classes regularly for 3 years I made the first step towards becoming a yoga teacher.  I am certified as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher.    I have additional special training for specific issues including:

    • Prenatal yoga

    • Yoga for back care (including sciatica, hip pain and scoliosis)

    • Yoga for seniors

    • Restorative yoga for deep relaxation and healing

    • Personalized yoga coaching

    • Yoga for chronic pain

    • Pranayama (breath work)

Before I started practicing yoga regularly, I struggled with anxiety about things completely beyond my control.  This caused more stress, and led to stomach problems and headaches.  Regular yoga practice has made me more physically fit, but more importantly I now have the tools to manage anxiety.  I want to share what I’ve learned with you because we all deal with private issues of pain, stress, and worry.  If you’re feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, I can help you feel better.

After every class, we all feel relaxed and energized.  This is evident in the change on everyone’s face as they leave with bright smiles.

I moved to Monticello in 2012 and live with my husband and son on a small farm.  When I’m not teaching yoga classes, I enjoy gardening, walking, and baking.  I’m passionate about education and continue to attend a variety of training courses.

I’m so thankful to see everyone each week and look forward to many years together!

– Sonya





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