Do you want to relax and unwind?

My mom always read to us growing up. Every day we had the time to listen and relax while she read aloud. We listened to chapter books and entire anthologies of stories such as the books by Laura Ingles Wilder and all the C.S. Lewis books in the Narnia series (this was before the days of Harry Potter). When I was in the sixth grade I had a terribly painful ear infection and my mom read to me to help me relax. I’ve always loved being read to and it instilled in me a deep appreciation for the refuge of books.

As an adult, I discovered that I also love reading aloud. When I was a classroom teacher, my favorite part of the day was reading to my students while they had a little break after lunch. Sometimes kids would fall asleep during the story, have a short nap, and wake up in a much better mood! As a mom, I have loved reading to my son. He’s too grown to sit and listen anymore, but I’ve found a new audience. My yoga students like to be read to and often say they find it very relaxing. I finally decided to take their feedback and create this podcast. There’s something so soothing about listening to a story. It’s as though you’re not alone, someone is there with you to help you feel better and get some rest. I hope you enjoy it and I welcome your feedback on what you’d like to hear more of. Click here to check it out.