Private Yoga Coaching

With private yoga lessons, you’ll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, fitness and lifestyle.

 “Private lessons have allowed me to make time in my busy schedule for yoga.  Working one on one really helps me get away from all the stresses of my job and family and do something for myself.  I always feel better after an hour of yoga.  We are able to work at my pace and Sonya tailors each class for what I need that week.  I love the way we can make each session work for my body.  We use a chair, the walls, blankets and bolsters so that even if I’m stiff, sore, or just tired I always feel supported.  Adding this private instruction to my routine has so many benefits.  I always feel relaxed after class, and I’m getting stronger too!  Recently someone even commented that I look slimmer!” – Mary G.

“Yoga, me… you must be crazy! Well, I have to eat those words after months of private yoga lessons with Sonya Jordan. The ability to personalize my yoga experience to my specific chronic back problems has resulted in absolutely remarkable results. Sonya’s is also is an amazing teacher who has helped me with not just my back but with my entire body. I highly recommend private yoga with Sonya!!!” – Tommy M.

Private Yoga Coaching will allow you to:

  • Learn and practice the basics of yoga in privacy

  • Develop confidence to practice in group settings

  • Make yoga fit in your busy schedule

  • Enjoy classes tailored for your specific sport, such as improving golf swing, dealing with muscle tightness from bicycling, or complementing triathlon training

  • Recover from an injury or illness and learn to modify the poses

  • Ask questions about yoga, breathwork, or specific poses

  • Develop a plan for issues such as low back pain, anxiety or insomnia

  • Work on specific health and fitness goals

Contact me to set up a free consultation. 

Singles lesson – $65.00/hour

Doubles lesson (semi-private) – $75.00/hour