‘For several years I have been working with a chiropractor to rehabilitate areas of degeneration in my neck.  Slowly and steadily over the course of the past 2 years, Sonya’s gentle, therapeutic yoga classes have made a difference in my body and life.  Recent chiropractic x-rays reveal an entire cervical vertebrae, which was previously hidden, is now visible above my shoulder line, and the natural curve is returning to my neck.  Change is happening and I am much stronger and healthier because of it.  I have found yoga to be the ideal form of exercise for restoring strength and movement to a stiff and aging body.  Sonya is an excellent teacher.  I am SO thankful for Thankful Yoga!’ – Sandy Dennis

When I came to Restorative Yoga my rib was bothering me and I knew it needed an adjustment.  After class, it was so much better and the next day I felt great. I think I needed to rest, let stress roll away and let my back release!”  Debby Kelly

“Sonya – I wanted to let you know how much I love your Tuesday and Thursday morning yoga class.   Your teaching style makes it so easy and fun.  I find it amazing how you can lead the class with people at different levels, where everyone feels so comfortable and focuses on their own progress.  After a class, I feel so relaxed and energized.  I have learned so much about how to manage and improve my health.  Since I started your class in July I have lost weight, I sleep much better, have more energy and just feel better overall.  Your yoga class is the best things I have done for myself.”  – Lori Couch

I can not begin to tell you what a blessing both yoga and you have been to me. My rheumatologist has been urging me for several years to start an exercise routine of some sort to ease the pain and stiffness associated with my disease.  A friend finally convinced me to try yoga (even loaned me some workout clothes to try it) , and the rest is history.  I can move so much more easily, and I even think (hope) my balance is improving. It is amazing, also, that during my check-ups with the doctor, she moves my joints in much the same way yoga teaches.  I would encourage anyone to give it a try. (I’ll even loan you some clothes.) 🙂   Judy Abney

“Yoga classes at Monticello Yoga have made me stronger both physically and mentally.  The stretches and poses that Sonya teaches have helped me gain flexibility and strength.   I can now do push-ups, backbends and working my way to a headstand.  Yoga has also helped me focus on the present moment, to let go and to appreciate all that is around.  The breathing techniques that I have learned in yoga have helped me sleep better at night and to relax.  I look forward to my weekly yoga classes at Monticello Yoga as they give me a boost of positive energy to carry out during the day!”  – Meredith Jordan

‘Painful arthritis in my hip made sitting in a car for longer than 45 minutes unbearable.  When I started going to yoga classes regularly I immediately noticed a difference in my joints.  With the regular exercise and stretching we do in yoga I don’t hurt anymore.’– Jill Dyer
At 72 years of age Yoga has helped me find a true sense of balance in my fitness routine by providing a healthy mind and body. Combined with a good walking schedule and sometimes swimming aerobics, it is possible to maintain personal preferences in exercise and instructors.  When I suffer some unexpected physical difficulties with joints, sprains, or bruises, I can give up the walking and adjust my ability level at Yoga but still keep exercising.  Yoga in combination with whatever other exercise remains at the basis of a true life-long fitness program. 
Our instructor, Sonya Jordan, has the gift of caring which enables her to provide a good program for all participants which includes those who are exceptionally fit to those who deal with more severe challenges than my occasional maladies.  Having had four other Yoga instructors I am confidant that I now have one of the very best. -Susan Haynes
 In June 2013, I had lost my Dad to cancer and I quit smoking that same week. I was a private home healthcare worker and in July, my patient/friend passed away. So, within 30 days, I had lost my Dad, a good friend and my job, not to mention the emotional mess due to nicotine withdrawals.

I began Sonya’s Yoga Class in August 2013. At the beginning of every class, she would say, “Let’s set aside any negative thoughts and allow ourselves to relax and quiet our minds.” That was my greatest issue. I could never “quiet my mind” which also caused insomnia. With yoga, I learned how to meditate and relax and overcome insomnia. Meditation also helps me in daily stressful situations.   As a Christian, I also believe that this allowed me to heighten my spiritual awareness. – Tonya C.

Yoga has been such a wonderful experience for me. As a middle aged woman with rheumatoid arthritis, yoga gives me the opportunity to exercise, stretch, and strengthen my muscles and joints. Sonya is very conscious of the various ability levels within our class and always offers multiple options for each pose. I encourage anyone who is interested to come to our class. We have a wonderful time!  – Mary G.

I Love Yoga! I actually look forward to each class and am sad if I have to miss. Sonya is an amazing yoga teacher and friend. Thank you for teaching yoga! Patti Lanier

Yoga is for me  a break from the world, a magical few moments to relax and go with the yoga flow. It is difficult for me to slowdown and be still. Yoga has taught me to be kind to myself and enjoy the little things.  Simply breathing in and out deeply can be amazingly calming when you are feeling stress.  For me yoga, improves concentration, circulation, flexibility, balance, the immune system and general health.  I have fewer migraines and often find a yoga class relieves a potential headache. Stretching and strengthen  have helped me over come a weak knee and improve minor aches and pains in joints. Strengthen my body, stretching my muscles, and quieting my mind helps me focus on the  positive. Life is good. – Debby Kelly

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