Find the yoga experience that’s right for you.

Mindful Morning Flow

Expect to move with your breath from pose to pose in this flowing style yoga class.

You’ll learn the basics of yoga while moving safely with a focus on alignment.

Therapeutic Chair

Expect to move with your breath in this gentle, chair based yoga class. We begin seated in a chair to focus on breathing and warming up. The class moves to standing poses as we increase the work. This class is excellent for increasing range of motion and learning how to move safely in daily life.


Prepare yourself for deep relaxation when you attend a restorative class. You’ll rest in just a few postures in the course of an hour.  Poses are supported with blocks, bolsters, and blankets. These props, rather than your muscles, are used to support your bodyIt is a completely different experience than most contemporary yoga.

Private Coaching

With private yoga lessons, you’ll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, fitness and lifestyle. Enjoy one on one attention as I develop a plan to work on your specific health and wellness goals.


Expect to move very slowly, holding poses for three to five minutes. Yin Yoga targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues, ligaments, joints, and fascia. This is a wonderful contrast to Yang or active yoga practice such as Vinyasa, which targets the muscles.

Yoga for Strength

Expect to feel the burn in this 55 minute class. A combination of techniques from Yoga, Pilates, and Barre work to tone and strengthen arms, core, butt and legs.

Special Events

Contact me to schedule a personalized yoga class at your next special event! Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, girls trip, or business conference, everyone will enjoy unwinding with yoga.


We don’t meditate to become better at meditating. We meditate to have a better life.

Expect to learn what meditation is, and how to begin. I’ll introduce you to different styles of meditation so you can choose what works best for you. You’ll also receive support as you incorporate time for silence in your daily routine. I offer meditation classes a few times a year or as requested. ** Now offered online via zoom*** Contact me for details!


Yoga retreats are a wonderful way to invest in yourself.  There is no need to be a yoga expert, or even to have a regular yoga practice, all you need is the willingness to say yes to yourself.

Click here to see pictures from my Spring Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Hinton, NC

Teacher Training

As an experienced Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider, I offer continuing education credits at retreats. I also lead teacher trainings around the southeast through YogaFit Worldwide.

The World’s #1 Leader in Certified Yoga Teacher Training. For more than 23 years, YogaFit has been educating yoga enthusiasts, teachers and professionals with the highest quality yoga education and teaching certification programs. I am proud to be a part of this team of educators. When you take a teacher training, you will join a vibrant, connected community of over 250,000 yoga enthusiasts all over the world.

“Yoga classes with Sonya have made me stronger both physically and mentally.  The stretches and poses that Sonya teaches have helped me gain flexibility and strength.   I can now do push-ups, backbends and working my way to a headstand.  Yoga has also helped me focus on the present moment, to let go and to appreciate all that is around.  The breathing techniques that I have learned in yoga have helped me sleep better at night and to relax.  I look forward to my weekly yoga classes at Monticello Yoga as they give me a boost of positive energy to carry out during the day!” 

 Meredith Jordan

Yoga has been such a wonderful experience for me. As a middle aged woman with rheumatoid arthritis, yoga gives me the opportunity to exercise, stretch, and strengthen my muscles and joints. Sonya is very conscious of the various ability levels within our class and always offers multiple options for each pose. I encourage anyone who is interested to come to our class. We have a wonderful time.

Mary G.